ngl im lovin this new gif limit thing

Status update

Way wrong about my schedule being less busy but on the bright side, summer’s starting. On another note, thanks for all the supportive messages. Even though I don’t respond to all of them, I appreciate every single message I received.


hashtagworth asked: Sup after checking again those 2 gifs weren't mine so sorry. I have been dealing with 10 ppl+ who copy paste my work so I didn't look exactly. anyway GG

Hey man, no worries. Shit happens sometimes. Just be happy that your gifs were good enough that some people claimed it as their own content.


powpowhammer asked: Thanks for making these league gifs. I appreciate your hard work! :D

Thanks for the support!


princess-dork-fucker asked: lol @ the guy who says you're stealing his gifs. They're not even the same size or quality. Pls. Anyways, keep up the good work! Love seeing your stuff show up on my dash.

Thanks. I didn’t really have much time to make gifs since I’m a full time student. I might be able to be more active now though because of this semester’s schedule.


hashtagworth asked: Hey ! I made those 2 gifs u just posted so i suggest you source me or reblog those from my blog. If you don't i'm gonna have to send tumblr a mail so they remove them. you don't wanna mess with me or your blog will be shut down like whynotleagueofdraven on tumblr that lost his blog and his 2500 followers for copying my gif. Have a nice day

I make all of my own gifs. I use Photoshop and source the videos I used.